If you are not aware of what a Triangle Halfback is, it’s a new phenomena happening where people from the northern states have moved to the deep southern states and have decided to move halfway back.  Some have been what’s referred to as “snowbirds” living in the deep south during the winter months and traveling back to New England for the summer months who have now decided, why have two homes, let’s move halfway back and enjoy the full distinct seasons in the Carolinas.  Or, some have retired and moved south and their children who have attended one of our wonderful universities in the Triangle now have jobs here, married with their own children, hence grandchildren and now they want to be here and live near them.  Of course there are many other reasons for this halfway back move.

For Michael and Ingrid Pagliocca one of the major reasons is the heat in Orlando where they had moved to from New York 10 years ago.  They both run small businesses and after investigating Tennessee, Virginia, North and South Carolina they decided to move to Clayton here in the Triangle.  As you can see on the video interview (below) Michael and Ingrid were so welcomed by the Clayton Chamber of Commerce  and the support they received they decided they have found the perfect location to move half way back.  Michael’s business is Elite Travel Planners and Ingrid’s business is The Creative Grove.

Being in real estate and serving the boomer generation, I get to help families such as these relocate to their retirement destination and downsize or “right size” to meet their changing needs. I also get to hear these stories first hand. After all, the Triangle is a wonderful place to live and thrive whether being in business for yourself or retired or whatever the reason. We welcome you with open arms and we are glad you’re are here!